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"'n lewe met" on kyknet
The third season of “’n Lewe met” returns to the small screen in a brand new format. 
During the course of the series, which runs from 16 October 2012 until 8 January 2013, Dr Franco Colin will discuss 13 mental health conditions and have discussions with studio guests living with these conditions. The series was taped with a live studio audience and the audience had the opportunity to ask questions during each episode. 
The series will be broadcast on kykNET (channel 144 on DStv) on Tuesdays from 20.00 – 21.00 with repeat broadcasts on Wednesdays at 15.00, Thursdays at 01.00 & 09.30, Saturdays at 00.30 and Sundays at 22.30.

Our next episode:
On 1 January two men tell of their humiliation and the feelings of inferiority they experienced as a result of their obesity. Johan Meyer went from one extreme to the other in his battle to control his weight, and developed bulimia. Pieter Tredoux chose a more drastic route and underwent bariatric surgery, during which his stomach was made smaller and a part of his colon was removed. Today, both men have their weight under control and live much richer lives.

Dr Franco Colin is a psychiatrist who is involved in the training of general practitioners about psychiatric disorders. He is also a part-time consultant at the department of psychiatry at the University of Pretoria and works with various professional organisations that look after the interests of specialists and patients.

  • Johan is happily married and thanks to his religion he has resolved the emotional problems that caused his obesity for good.
  • Pieter Tredoux describes himself as a new man after losing all the extra weight.

Lee Collins is a registered dietician who emphasises a healthy lifestyle.

Summary of topic
Obesity is defined as the abnormal accumulation of fat in the body, caused by consuming more calories than the body can use. The excess is then stored as fat or fatty tissue. Being overweight is not the same as being obese; obesity is when your body weight exceeds your ideal weight by 20% or more. Obesity holds many health risks, and is the precursor of many diseases and disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. There is also a condemning stigma attached to obesity in society. People who are obese are often discriminated against, and many of them also suffer from an inferiority complex.
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