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Affordability is a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing a medical aid plan. Customers are also looking for value-for-money medical schemes - we want to maximise the medical cover we get for the monthly contributions we pay. Medihelp offers a range of medical aid benefit options, from a network medical aid benefit option ideal for lower-income earners right up to a premium medical aid benefit option for high-income earners.

To help give you some idea of the investment you need to make on various benefit options, try Medihelp's easy-to-use online medical aid calculator. To aid decision-making, you are able to select more than one option to compare prices side-by-side.

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  Elite (Comprehensive medical cover)
  Prime 1 (Hospital plan with extra benefits)
  Prime 2 (Basic cover linked to a savings plan)
  Prime 3 (Cover for the whole family)
  (Affordable network option)
  Plus (Ample benefits)
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