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Medihelp has agreements with designated service providers (DSPs) to deliver quality healthcare services at competitive rates.
Healthcare professionals who are part of Medihelp's designated service provider networks include:

  • General practitioners (GPs)
  • Specialists
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Pharmacies

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Dimension Prime Network benefit options – DSP for chronic PMB medicine only
Beneficiaries on the Dimension Prime Network benefit options who currently use chronic PMB medicine will be required to obtain their chronic PMB medicine from a designated service provider (DSP), Faranani Health Services, as from 1 April 2014. A 60% co-payment on the benefit amount of the medicine will apply if a beneficiary chooses to use a non-DSP (i.e. obtain the medicine from a pharmacy/dispensing doctor and not from the appointed network practice). A Dimension Prime Network formulary will also apply to chronic PMB medicine. This approach is required to ensure the continued viability of the Dimension Prime Network benefit options, as well as ensuring a sustained lower subscription.
Designated service providers for Dimension Prime Network options
Optipharm – for oncology and HIV treatment
  • Only registered HIV & oncology chronic PMB medicine.
  • Authorised HIV medicine will be couriered to the beneficiary.
  • Arrange delivery by phoning Optipharm at 0860 90 60 90 or by visiting their website at
  • Due to the sensitive process for administering and delivering oncology medicine, Optipharm will courier oncology medicine directly to the treating ICON (click here to read more about ICON) oncologist’s rooms.
Faranani Health Services – for other chronic PMB medicine
  • All other approved chronic PMB medicine, e.g. for the treatment of high cholesterol or high blood pressure.
  • The Dimension Prime Network chronic PMB medicine formulary will apply.
  • A Faranani network provider will be appointed for the beneficiary.
  • The member will receive an SMS monthly when the medicine is ready for collection at the appointed Faranani network practice.
  • In case of enquiries regarding approved formulary chronic PMB medicine, phone Faranani at 0100 017 970.
You can view the provisional list of current Faranani network general practitioners below – this list is subject to change and will be updated regularly. You can also view the Dimension Prime Network chronic PMB medicine formulary.
Please note: Faranani Health Services will contact the Medihelp beneficiary to appoint a network doctor who will supply the medicine, and the member will receive an SMS when the approved chronic PMB medicine is ready for collection at the appointed doctor’s practice.
Chronic PMB medicine
Chronic PMB medicine formulary