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To bring you the very best, yet affordable, medical care Medihelp has partnered with the best service providers and experts in the medical industry. To find out more about any of our partners, or to obtain more information about various aspects of healthcare, please follow the links in the table below.

All options
Medihelp Denis

Dental Risk Company (DRC)
Dental Risk Company (DRC) specialises in offering effective dental managed care solutions and provides Medihelp’s dental benefits in partnership with 2 200 dentists across South Africa. Members may visit any dentist of their choice, but benefits are managed by DRC and granted in accordance with DRC protocols.

Medihelp Preferred Pharmacy NetworkMedihelp Preferred Pharmacy Network
Medihelp’s Preferred Pharmacy Network consists of more than 1 700 pharmacies who offer Medihelp members the most cost-effective professional fee structure for prescribed medicine. This means that members who visit network pharmacies will not have to pay any excess amounts for higher professional fees which non-network pharmacies charge to dispense medicine items.
Medihelp HIV partner Halocare and Dis-Chem Direct
Halocare is the managed healthcare partner for HIV/Aids-related services and post-exposure prophylaxis and Dis-Chem Direct is the designated service provider (DSP) for HIV/Aids medicine.
Medihelp specialist networkSpecialist networks
Two specialist networks (for Medihelp’s non-network range and the Dimension Prime Network range) effectively manage any PMB specialist care that our members may require, while reducing their out-of-pocket expenses. For members of our network options, specific specialist networks also ensure streamlined care between the specialist and the network hospital, especially with regard to PMB services.
Medihelp ambulance partner

Netcare 911
Netcare 911 is our partner in providing emergency medical services, including emergency medical transport, emergency assistance and trauma counselling.

Medihelp ongology partner

ICON is the Independent Clinical Oncology Network to which more than 80% of the country’s oncologists belong. They provide the highest quality cancer care through a countrywide footprint of high-tech chemotherapy and radiotherapy facilities. ICON is Medihelp’s designated service provider for oncology treatment.

Medihelp back treatmentDBC
Medihelp’s back treatment programme is offered in cooperation with Document-Based Care (DBC). Each programme is developed by a multidisciplinary medical team according to the individual’s clinical profile.
Medihelp preventive care partnersPreventive care
Clicks and Dis-Chem are Medihelp’s designated service providers for preventive care health assessment tests.
Medihelp mobile meds MobileMeds
MobileMeds is a convenient medicine ordering and delivery service, especially for authorised monthly chronic medicine.
Network options
Medihelp pmb medicine

DSPs for Dimension Prime network range only
PMB chronic medicine
Members must obtain their PMB chronic medicine from a designated service provider (DSP) to avoid a 60% deductible.
Order authorised PMB chronic medicine from MobileMeds.
Phone Medihelp at 086 0100 678 for more information.

Oncology medicine
Dis-Chem Oncology is the DSP for oncology PMB medicine.

Dimension Prime 2, Dimension Prime 3 and Dimension Elite
Medihelp optometry partner

The Preferred Provider Negotiators (PPN) provide Medihelp’s optical benefits in partnership with more than 2 000 optometrists across South Africa. Medihelp members may visit any optometrist and benefits are paid according to PPN tariffs.

Dimension Elite
Medihelp hip partner

Improved Clinical Pathway Services provide non PMB hip and knee replacement for qualifying patients on Dimension Elite.

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