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Automatic hospital authorisation via the secured website for members

  •   by Medihelp
  •   14 April 2016
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As part of our commitment to enhance your experience when engaging with us, we have developed an automated authorisation process for your convenience. You can obtain immediate hospital authorisation electronically for various procedures, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Important to note
• All hospital admissions, including to psychiatric facilities, must be pre-authorised and treatment protocols and case management will apply to ensure that you are treated in the most appropriate facility. The same applies to admissions to sub-acute facilities or hospices as an alternative to hospitalisation.
• If you are a member of a network option it is important to be admitted to a network hospital, to ensure that your admission qualifies for benefits. 
• In case of an emergency, you need not obtain authorisation first, but you must do so on the first workday after being admitted. You can also pre-authorise hospital admissions by using the Medihelp member app on your tablet or smartphone. You will receive the result of your pre-authorisation application via SMS or email. 
• Although there is no overall annual limit on our hospital benefits, procedure-specific co-payments and maximum benefit amounts (limits) may apply, depending on your benefit option.

Standard procedures currently covered for e-authorisation via the members’ secured site:
• Adenoidectomy 
• Appendectomy 
• Caesarean section 
• Cholecystectomy 
• Circumcision 
• Colonoscopy 
• Cysto-urethroscopy 
• Dilatation and curettage 
• Gastroscopy 
• Hysterectomy 
• Hysteroscopy
• Intra-uterine devices 
• Laparoscopy 
• Myomectomy 
• Myringotomy 
• Normal birth
• Sterilisation 
• Tonsillectomy 
• Vasectomy

Follow these easy steps: 
1. Simply log on to the secured website for members: by selecting “Members” under “login”. 
2. Click on “pre-authorisation”. 
3. Choose “hospital pre-authorisation”.

Now complete the details of your admission and submit. You’ll only need the procedure and ICD-10 codes that your doctor has provided. Within moments you will receive details of the pre-authorisation via SMS or email, as well as a confirmation email with a reference number. Visit Medihelp’s website at to watch a video on hospitalisation or to read the pamphlet.
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