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Medical cover not an unnecessary expense

  •   by Medihelp
  •   07 March 2017
  •   882 view(s)

When the economy is not doing so well and everything from food to school outings is stretching your wallet within an inch of its life, everybody starts looking for ways to limit expenses.

We usually start by reducing costs on expensive holidays and limiting unnecessary shopping trips. Sometimes you even consider doing without medical cover and you tell yourself it’s only for a little while until you can balance your budget again. You silence the worried voice in your mind with the argument that you and your family have hardly needed the doctor during the past year. You might be thinking that you can currently not afford medical aid cover, but is it really that expensive?

Joining Medihelp could cost less than you originally thought.

You can, for instance, join Medihelp’s Dimension Prime 1 network option for as little as R1 260 per month, which is equivalent to your Saturday night braai expenses. This option offers an affordable solution for healthy individuals who want the peace of mind of comprehensive hospital cover. Dimension Prime is currently one of the most popular products and also offers ample insured benefits for preventive care and pregnancy, as well as a small pooled day-to-day benefit for those bothersome colds.

If you suddenly have to be admitted to hospital it can cost you thousands. The average cost for a general three-day hospital admission can cost more than R20 000. That’s not a sum of money you ususally have in your back pocket for “just in case”.

And when the time comes for tertiary studies, Medihelp’s Necesse option offers a solution for students for the same price as a tank of petrol at only R438 per month, with comprehensive medical cover in and out of hospital with a network of providers.

These are only two of the options that Medihelp offers. Other options include the new popular Unify savings option that has become one of Medihelp’s best sellers within a year of its introduction

There are 10 options with different benefits and prices that are available in the Medihelp product range. Join Medihelp today and enjoy peace-of-mind about your family’s wellbeing. Click here to get a quote today. Simply complete your details online and a Medihelp accredited adviser will contact you to help you select a benefit option that will suit your wallet and healthcare requirements.
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