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Medihelp’s 2018 contribution increase and enhanced benefits confirm consistency and value

  •   by Medihelp
  •   20 December 2017
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Medihelp medical scheme, one of the largest self-administered medical aids in South Africa, announced a weighted average premium increase of 7,6% across all its benefit options for 2018 with several product enhancements and no product reductions. This is aimed at increasing value and providing more flexibility and choice for members.

Medihelp has for the past three years focused on increasing value whilst maintaining consistency and providing a competitive product range that instils trust. The Scheme announced one of the lowest contribution increases for 2018 which can be ascribed to a marked improvement in utilisation trends, increased client retention, net organic growth accomplished through an integrated marketing and sales strategy underpinned by a competitive product offering supported by advisers, and effective management initiatives.

Medihelp’s ten medical aid options are all designed to suit different lifestyles and health profiles, including the Dimension Prime 1 hospital plan that continues to be highly competitive and a popular choice for those seeking an affordable healthcare solution. This option provides close on 49 000 lives with the assurance of cover for private hospitalisation and minor day-to-day medical expenses. This benefit option also offers medical cover for 12 pregnancy consultations, two 2D scans and two baby consultations in addition to other insured preventive care benefits. Members of this option pay 22% less when choosing the network alternative, which will consist of 108 quality private hospitals in 2018.

Medihelp has two savings options. Dimension Prime 2 has a hospital network alternative offering a 22% reduction in premiums and uses the same hospital network as Dimension Prime 1. The option also offers insured medical aid benefits for preventive care. Dimension Prime 2 will offer a 15% savings account in 2018 and apart from other insured preventive benefits, the six pregnancy consultations available on the option will increase to eight in 2018.

Medihelp’s other savings option is the innovative Unify option which was introduced in 2016 and offers a 25% savings account that earns interest and provides ample cover for other medical expenses. Apart from a new dietician benefit, Unify’s current preventive care benefits have also been expanded to include additional insured benefits for flu and tetanus vaccines in 2018.

Dimension Prime 3 is Medihelp’s flagship option and is one of the few options in its class that has continued to grow despite the shift in the market to basic options. The option also provides a network alternative at 20% less. The option’s insured day-to-day benefits have been adjusted for 2018 by combining benefits in order to offer more value and flexibility.

Members of Medihelp’s Dimension Prime options pay only for the first two children under 18, while the rest receive free cover. Kids also pay child dependant rates until they are 26 years old on the Dimension range and Unify option.

Necesse is an income-based network option that provides comprehensive cover through a network of providers. Full-time students can secure medical coverage by joining Necesse at less than R500 per month.

Medihelp provides the comfort of 112 years’ experience as well as the peace of mind that members are part of one of the largest open medical schemes in South Africa, with an AA- rating awarded by Global Credit Rating for its claims paying ability and a reserve level of over 28% which is well above the required level of 25%. Medihelp has also improved its service delivery by 2,6% as reported in Consulta’s recent 2017 Customer Satisfaction Index.

With a competitive product range, financial stability and excellent service, Medihelp is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead in 2018.

If you are interesting in competitive medical cover, click here. Complete your contact details online and a Medihelp accredited adviser will contact you to help you select a benefit option that will suit your wallet and healthcare requirements.
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