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The benefits of joining a sports club

  •   by Medihelp
  •   05 April 2016
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Joining a sports club is one of the best things you can do if you want to improve your running or cycling skills.

Here are seven reasons why:

1. Motivation
By joining a club and surrounding yourself with experienced, enthusiastic people instead of depending solely on your own motivation, you’re more likely to train long-term. Seeing what others who started off just like you have achieved, will inspire you to keep on training. When you train in a group, everyone knows what you’re going through and how you should motivate each other for your next race.

2. Consistency
One of the best ways to become a better runner cyclist is to do it more often. Having a regular weekly (or even daily, in some cases) training session with your group will help ensure that you stick to your programme – not only during race season but also in the middle of winter when it’s not so easy to get those kilometres done.

3. Accountability
A group holds you accountable when you feel like slacking off. When there are others who are counting on you, you’re more likely to show up. One of the main reasons why people stop training is because they lack this accountability.

4. Social facilitation
Social facilitation is a social psychology term that means “an improvement in performance produced by the mere presence of others.” According to experts, when training in a group, you get caught up in the pace without realising how fast you’re going. This is because your brain encourages you to keep up when you might have slowed down on your own.

5. New friendships
You will meet new people who share your passion for training and exercise at a sport club. Some of them might become lifelong friends who motivate you to strive for your best and help you train.

6. Learn from others
Training in a group is also a great way to pick up tips and tricks on how to become a better athlete. Some groups offer formal coaching or classes, while others simply provide a time and place where you can learn from the collective wisdom of the group. Stick with it long enough, and all that experience will eventually rub off. 

7. Safety
Training in a group is much safer than training alone, as there is someone to help or make a phone call if you are injured or feel sick. A group is also more visible to motorists than individuals.

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