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The difference between network and non-network options

  •   by Medihelp
  •   19 January 2016
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Joining a medical aid is essential to ensure the good health of your family, but it is vital to know which option will suit your needs best.

A frequently asked question is what the difference is between network and non-network options. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s the difference?
Network options generally offer more affordable rates than their non-network counterparts. This is because the medical aid appoints a network of hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals who charge a lower fee and in return more patients are channeled to them through the network. Non-network options generally offer members the freedom of making use of all private facilities but at increased rates.

Tips when joining a network option:
- Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the network option and only use providers in that specific network – failing to do so can require you to make co-payments
- Acquaint yourself with the procedure for referrals to a specialist
- Find out what the correct procedure is in case of an emergency with no network hospital close by
- Stay informed about which hospitals are part of the network, as this might change throughout the year
- Check the option’s medicine formulary and make sure your medicine is covered, to avoid nasty surprises
- Always carry your membership card with you so that emergency services personnel will know to transport you to a network hospital in case of an emergency

You’re covered with Medihelp’s Dimension Prime network options
Members of Medihelp’s Dimension Prime range enjoy up to 22% discount on their premiums when they choose a network option while they have access to more than 100 facilities across the country. To find out more about out our different benefit options, click here and complete the forms, and a Medihelp adviser will contact you.

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