Online complaint form


  1. Did you complain by sending an email or completing the feedback form that is also available on this page?
  2. Did you phone our contact centre at 086 0100 678 to ask for assistance?
  3. Did you visit a customer care counter in your region?

All of the above options are quicker and easier methods for you to get assistance with your query. Please try one of these options before completing this form. If you do however choose to complete this form, please keep in mind that the process to resolve your query might take longer than the suggested processes above.

If you still want to complete the complaint form, please follow these instructions:

  • Section A and section B – please complete all the fields, either by writing information, selecting options from drop-down boxes or ticking check boxes.
  • Section C – Please give us as much detail as possible about the nature of your complaint, and how the issue/incident unfolded.


  • Please be sure to read about your responsibilities and Medihelp’s rights, as well as the notes (section B)
  • Please read the points presented in section C carefully before agreeing (by ticking the check box) and submitting your complaint.

Thank you!

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