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LEVEL 3 lockdown regulations

With the country moving to level 3 of the national lockdown, less stringent regulations will apply while extensive health and safety measures will remain in place to protect the public.

What’s allowed

  • Exercise between 06:00 and 18:00 (groups of up to 4 people)
  • National curfew lifted
  • Domestic workers may return to work
  • Restaurants (no alcohol may be sold)
  • Theatres (up to 15 people allowed and 15 crew members)
  • Personal care services
  • Conferences and meetings for business purposes, in line with restrictions on public gatherings
  • Cinemas (50 people or less allowed)
  • Casinos (up to 50% capacity)
  • Museums, libraries, galleries and other cultural institutions
  • Agricultural auctions allowed, subject to further regulations
  • Some parts of the tourism sector to open up, including hunting and game drives
  • Accredited and licensed accommodation, with the exception of home sharing accommodation like Airbnb
  • All non-contact sports permitted
  • Contact sports allowed only for training and modified activities with restricted use of facilities
  • Certain schools to reopen for grade 7 and 12 learners
  • Stationery, books, electronics, office equipment and hardware
  • Taxis, e-hailing services and buses may operate at all times of the day
  • Sale of hot foods at supermarkets to resume
  • E-commerce and delivery services
  • Domestic air travel for business purposes (the specific date on when this will commence has not been announced yet)
  • Sale of alcohol by licensed retailers or through e-commerce delivery, Mo-Thu, 09:00-17:00 (no stockpiling allowed)
  • Wholesale and retail to reopen fully
  • All clothing, home textiles, footwear and household appliances
  • All manufacturing, mining, construction, financial, professional and business services, information technology and media services to reopen fully
  • Licensing and permitting services, deeds offices and other governmental services
  • Mandatory wearing of masks in public
  • People who meet certain criteria may enter or leave the country

What’s not allowed

House Aeroplane Mask
  • Travelling, except for essential travels to work (permits still compulsory) and the purchase of essential items
  • Employers must have working arrangements in place to protect the safety of their employees
  • No visiting friends or relatives
  • Additional restrictions on movement apply to high-risk areas
  • No travelling between provinces, except for work, to school/university and if moving to a new residence, provided the necessary documentation is produced
  • People above 60 and those with underlying health conditions should leave home only in exceptional circumstances
  • Borders remain closed

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