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Get medical aid cover for your employees

Your employees are your biggest asset. Investing in their wellness and helping them protect their health is a sound investment with high returns. The key is to provide good medical aid cover as part of their employee benefits – and to choose the right medical scheme as your business’s healthcare partner.

Medihelp’s offering to corporate groups

At Medihelp Medical Scheme we can help you to provide your employees with a reputable healthcare solution. Medihelp offers a menu of medical aid products with solid benefits to accommodate your employees’ diversity. In addition, Medihelp follows a personalised approach when engaging with our corporate clients. This includes providing you with regular employee health profiles and access to a consultant to help you manage your group’s membership. Medihelp can assist in monitoring your employees’ general health status through corporate wellness days and personal advice. Depending on the size of your organisation, you may also benefit from group underwriting for all your employees.

Any company or organisation – regardless of how many people you employ – may join Medihelp.

Choosing the right medical plan

Medihelp only makes use of the services of FAIS-accredited financial advisers who are supported by our internal sales, marketing and new business teams. These teams will assist you in choosing the medical aid benefit option most suitable for you and your employees and will provide step-by-step support during the enrolment process.

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