need a dentist?

Toothache. It’s a real pain in the you-know-what. What’s even more of a pain, is finding a medical aid with good dental benefits. Stop stressing – with the help of Denis, Medihelp has dentistry covered!

What is Denis?
Denis – short for Dental Information Systems – is the largest independent dental claims administrator in South Africa and is the market leader in dental benefit management.

But what does Denis mean to me?
By leveraging its team of over 150 employees, consisting of dentists, oral hygienists, dental nurses and administrative support staff, and making use of a rules-based management system, Denis is able to manage dental costs effectively – passing the cost saving on to you, the dental patient.

Medihelp’s Dental Tariffs have been agreed upon by Medihelp and Denis. Together, Medihelp and Denis bring you the best, most affordable dental care available.

Medihelp’s dental benefits are managed by Denis and granted in accordance with their protocols, while you obtain dental services from your regular dentist. Denis routes more than 1 500 calls through its call centre daily and processes over 300 000 dental claim lines every month. Dental practitioners registered with the Denis Online Facility are able to bill Denis directly, and to review their claim statements for trouble-free reconciliation.

Does my medical product include Dental cover?
Not all Medihelp’s products include comprehensive dental cover – when choosing the right medical plan for you, be sure to read through the plan’s benefits very carefully so that you understand precisely which dentistry benefits you’re entitled to. Please see the Medihelp products page for further information.

Dental work not included in your medical aid plan? Upgrade during December to one which does! Get a financial adviser to contact you now.

I need dental work. Must I talk to Denis?
For specialised dentistry and hospitalisation in the case of dental procedures, you will need to gain authorisation from Denis first before getting dental work done. We call this pre-authorisation. We ask you to pre-authorise dental work first so that we can make sure that you have access to the best quality, most appropriate and affordable dental care.

Types of treatment which require pre-authorisations are crown and bridge procedures, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, hospitalisation and intravenous conscious sedation.

It’s very important that you get pre-authorisation to avoid being asked to make a co-payment on the dental work that you need, or to fund it yourself. So, before going to the dentist for any specialised dental treatment and dental hospitalisation, talk to Denis!

How do I pre-authorise dental work?
For dental services under general anaesthesia in hospital or under conscious sedation in the dentist’s chair, contact Denis and tell them for which dental services you require pre-authorisation. You will be asked to quote:
  • Your Medihelp membership number
  • Patient details
  • Details of the surgeon and anaesthetist
  • Scheduled admission date
  • Tooth numbers
  • Diagnostic and procedure codes
For all other non-hospital related specialised dentistry a full treatment plan and/or radiographs are required as part of the pre-authorisation process.

To contact Denis: