Provider search

provider search

Medihelp has established service provider networks to provide quality healthcare at competitive rates. These are networks for:
  • General practitioners (for the Necesse benefit option)
  • Specialists (network providers for all PMB-related specialist consultations for all benefit options)
  • Hospitals (network providers for the Dimension Prime Network and Necesse benefit options)
  • Pharmacies (not preferred providers, but no co-payments on dispensing fees are payable at these pharmacies)
  • Dentists (network providers for dentistry for all benefit options)
  • Optometrists (network providers for optometry for all benefit options)

Click on the buttons below to search for any of these providers in your area.
Medihelp’s specialist network changed on 1 August 2016 – this is a dynamic network that changes continuously, and it is advisable that you consult the latest list prior to obtaining PMB services.
Remember that if you use a non-network provider you may be responsible for a co-payment.
You can only search for providers within a 20 km radius. Click here if you want to view more providers.