Generic medicine

What is generic medicine?

Generic medicine is exactly the same as the original medicine, but costs less. It contains the same active ingredients, has the same dosage form (such as tablets or capsules) and is the same strength as the original medicine.

Why is generic medicine cheaper than the original medicine?

Before a new medicine is made available to the public, extensive research is done to ensure it is safe and effective. The research costs millions, and pharmaceutical companies register patents on the medicine to recover some of these research and development costs.

As soon as patent rights on a medicine expire, other pharmaceutical companies may produce the medicine with the same active ingredients, dosage form and strength and sell it under a different brand name at a much cheaper price.

How does Medihelp cover generic medicine?

Prime range: 100% of the Maximum Medical Aid Price (MMAP); 80% of the Medihelp Tariff (MT) if no generic equivalent is available; 70% of the MMAP if original medicine is used where a generic equivalent is available.

Necesse: The medicine benefit is subject to the Necesse medicine formulary. Most formulary medicines are generic and will therefore qualify for 100% of the MMAP.

Please note: All benefits are subject to the cover provided by your benefit option, and your available benefits.