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Medihelp Medical Scheme announces 2019 contribution increase and benefit enhancements

PRETORIA --12 Oct 2018 -- Medihelp Medical Scheme, one of the largest open medical schemes in South Africa, has announced a weighted average contribution increase of 9,9% for its products for 2019.

According to Heyn van Rooyen, Principal Officer of Medihelp, contribution increases shouldn’t be viewed in isolation, but considered against the background of the benefits offerred by the various products. Medihelp has again increased the value of its products with nine benefit enhancements. These include the addition of three hospitals to the Prime hospital network (which will consist of 113 hospitals in 2019) and an increase ranging between 50 and 150% in non-PMB cancer benefits, while PMB oncology will still enjoy unlimited cover in 2019. Optometry benefits on Prime 3, Elite and Necesse were also improved and the added insured maternity benefits on the Prime and Elite options further enhanced.

“Medihelp has remained steadfast in its focus on maintaining the balance between price and benefits, supported by an uncompromising commitment to service and a responsible approach to risk management. This has resulted in appropriately priced products and services, designed to deliver an above average value experience to our members,” van Rooyen said.

Medihelp’s increase in contributions was determined by providing for medical inflation, supply and demand utilisation, the increase in value-added tax (VAT) and the building of reserve levels. The three Prime options and Elite will all be increasing with 9,9% and Unify, which offers a 25% savings plan, will see an increase of 10,2%.

“Our intention is to remain competitive and ensure product satisfaction whilst managing risk through cost-saving initiatives,” van Rooyen said.

Among these initiatives is the development of an in-house pharmaceutical benefit management (PBM) system which optimises the efficiency of medicine management while limiting outsourced expenses. Launched at the end of 2017, it has so far saved the Scheme more than R4,7 million in non-healthcare costs.

“With customer satisfaction improving year on year, a product range that has sustained its competitiveness, a positive growth profile and a market-related contribution increase, Medihelp will continue to provide reliable medical cover to its members, while lending solid support to the rest of our stakeholders”, van Rooyen concluded.

This also follows the recent release of the 2018 independent South African Customer Satisfaction survey for medical schemes conducted by Consulta, which rated Medihelp first in overall customer satisfaction among healthcare funders in South Africa.

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