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Whether you’re a student, a young professional or a parent, Medihelp has the right medical aid plan to suit your unique needs and your budget. We are one of the largest open medical schemes in the country, and more than 220 000 South Africans trust us with their health requirements every day – those they can plan for and especially those they can’t foresee. At Medihelp, we are committed to delivering innovative products, more value and friendly, personalised service, as we live up to our promise of making it all about you.

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Medihelp wellness programme and MultiSport club

Medical aid wellness
Your well-being depends to a large extent on your behaviour. At Medihelp Medical Scheme, we’re always looking for ways to help our members improve or maintain their good health during every life stage through a free online wellness programme, HealthPrint.

The programme allows members to track their health status and access their medical claims history and benefits, whilst enjoying the value offered by HealthPrint’s partners.

HealthPrint offers the following life stage-specific programmes to its members:

About the sport club
The best way to stay active and motivated. The club forms part of HealthPrint, Medihelp’s health initiative. If you enjoy the outdoors and like to keep fit, healthy and active, you are welcome to join the club – whether you’re a Medihelp member or a health-conscious individual looking to engage with a community that shares your interests.

As a member, you can also look forward to the following:
  • Access to a host of information, including our weekly blog with useful training news
  • Tips to help you get fit and prepare for a race
  • Joining a community where you can interact with other runners and cyclists, and share your news, views and photos
  • A monthly club newsletter to keep you up to date about upcoming events and information about the club’s activities
  • Discount for participation in Medihelp-sponsored events