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Student cover

Student cover

From R702 p/m

You’re slaying life and getting that qualification. MedElect Student has your back with excellent private medical care in and out of hospital, and additional benefits that include cover for health tests.

Vital plans

Vital plan

From R1 650 p/m

While you focus on fulfilling your dreams, also make sure your health is secure by choosing a no-frills, affordable and reliable medical aid plan that covers emergencies and other essential medical services such as doctors’ visits and medicine.

Savings plans

Savings plans

From R2 148 p/m

Take control of your medical expenses by opting for a savings plan that gives you access to a full year's savings immediately when you join, and allows you to carry unused funds forward to the next year.

Comprehensive plans

Comprehensive plans

From R2 226 p/m

Families and individuals with chronic conditions have extensive cover needs. This is what comprehensive plans are made for. Ready to back you up with everything you need – from private hospital cover to ample insured benefits.

Medical aid cover for you

With Medihelp, you can be assured of best-in-class products combined with exceptional support services to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare cover. With more than a century’s experience in the medical aid industry, we maintain the stability and sustainability needed to ensure our members’ peace of mind – whether you are an individual, student, part of a family or a business owner.

We lead

We are one of the largest medical aids in the country and with more than a lifetime of experience as our foundation we have a clear understanding of what matters and how to provide the healthcare cover and care that members require.

We listen

Medihelp engages and delivers service across a multitude of platforms – from apps to self-service websites and call centres to online chats.

We provide

Medihelp’s ability to pay claims is rated amongst the highest in the industry, and is backed by a reserve level which far exceeds the legal requirement, ensuring your peace of mind.

Medihelp's benefits unpacked

See what our plans can offer you in terms of medical cover and affordability.

Everyday medical expenses

Day-to-day benefits cover routine medical costs such as doctors' visits, prescribed medication, dentistry and optometry, either through a savings account or insured benefits.

Hospitalisation and advanced care

All our products offer cover for hospitalisation and specific out-of-hospital care.

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Screenings and additional benefits

Take care of your health with preventive care benefits and health tests.

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Access your membership

Access all the resources you need – share your digital membership card, submit and track claims, view available benefits, apply for pre-authorisation and update your personal details on Medihelp's secured website and app for members.

Network providers

You have access to quality private care through Medihelp's provider networks.