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Medihelp’s 11 products include affordable vital plans, savings plans where you can choose between a 25% savings account or a hybrid solution, and the traditional, family-focused comprehensive plans.

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Core benefits (insured benefits)
Emergency transport (ambulance)
Hospitalisation - no overall annual limit
Hospital network applies
271 PMB and 26 chronic conditions on the Chronic Disease List (CDL)
  • PMB chronic medicine
Prostheses (internally implanted)
Cancer treatment
Mental health treatment
Specialised radiology (MRI and CT scans) in and out of hospital
Day-to-day benefits
(separate insured benefit, pooled benefit or savings account)
GPs, specialists, and virtual consultations via nurses at network pharmacies
Acute medicine
Non-PMB chronic medicine
Standard radiology
Conservative dentistry
Specialised dentistry
  • Removal of impacted teeth (third molars)
  • Extensive treatment for children younger than seven years (in hospital)
Clinical psychology in and out of hospital
Psychiatric nursing in and out of hospital
Post-hospital care up to 30 days after discharge (speech, occupational, and physiotherapy)
Care extender benefit
One GP consultation is activated after completing certain health tests
A R490 self-medication benefit is activated after completing a preventive combo screening

Added insured benefits

(benefits offered in addition to day-to-day benefits)

Maternity (antenatal, postnatal, dietician, and lactation specialist consultations)
Babies <2 – first two consultations (at a paediatrician/GP/ear, nose, and throat specialist)
Child immunisation
Wellness benefits (health tests)
Preventive care (flu vaccination, Pap smear, mammogram, etc.)

Please note:

Limits, co-payments, formularies, lists of codes, and DSPs may apply to certain benefits.

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