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Medihelp Medical Scheme is one of the top five open medical schemes in South Africa. For the past 115 years, Medihelp has adapted successfully to an ever-changing healthcare industry and stayed ahead of the curve by making responsible decisions. The Scheme covers more than 200 000 lives and maintains excellence through a competitive product offering and individualised service and engagement to give members the peace of mind that their healthcare is in good hands.

A good investment in your health

A good investment in your health

  • Medihelp’s solvency level is consistently well above the industry requirement and stood at 27,68% in 2019, while the Scheme also secured healthy net growth in its membership.
  • With a consistent AA- rating from Global Credit Rating, Medihelp’s claims-payment ability is guaranteed.
  • Medihelp’s customer base continues to grow and has an average age of 37 years, contributing to a healthy risk pool.

Award-winning service

Celebrating partnering achievements

Medihelp emerged as winner in the medical schemes category at the 2019 FIA Intermediary Experience Awards. This accolade acknowledges that the Scheme nurtures strong ties with intermediaries and that it has a high regard for the role of advisers in ensuring appropriate and responsible advice.

Apart from personal engagement focused on fostering the supportive relationship, Medihelp also provides advisers with the tools and resources to help them grow their business and offer the best in healthcare solutions for their clients. This includes a dedicated call centre and an online adviser e-service platform and app, both of which are integrated and specifically designed to ensure that there is a seamless and consistent delivery of applicable support.

Medihelp's Annual Report and AGM

Medihelp's Annual Report and AGM

To protect the health of our members, Medihelp initiated virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) procedures which were approved by the Council for Medical Schemes. Medihelp members will thus be able to vote electronically as from 19 May 2020 and access and respond to the content of the Annual General Meeting as from Thursday, 18 June 2020 at 14:00, giving all members the opportunity to still participate in Scheme proceedings despite the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Click below to view a pdf version of the Medihelp 2019 Annual Report with information regarding the Scheme’s financial performance and strategic priorities, or to view previous annual reports.


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