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Our Plan Finder will help you decide which Medihelp medical aid plans may best suit your unique healthcare needs, based on the answers you give in the below questionnaire.

If you have dependants, keep their healthcare needs in mind while filling in the questionnaire. Consider what they need in terms of medical cover by analysing their health history so you’ll have an idea of, for instance, how many times a year they visit the doctor or how much they paid for acute medicine in the last year.

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Simply answer the questions below:

Chronic medicine

Do you use chronic medicine?


How often are you hospitalised?


How often do you visit a GP?

Acute medicine

How often do you use acute medication?


How often do you visit a dentist?


Do you visit an optometrist?


Are you studying towards a qualification higher than Grade 12?


Do you prefer a plan that includes a savings account?

Network provider

Are you willing to visit a network provider?

Elect plans are network options. Members of these plans have to use hospitals, GPs, and specialists in the network, and get a network GP’s referral to see a specialist.

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