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Benefits and services

Medihelp benefits

Medihelp provides comprehensive in and out of hospital cover on all benefit options from core benefits for claims received with regard to tests for COVID-19 regardless of the result of the test, according to the clinical criteria for testing. A functionality is available on the Member Zone where members can upload their detail in the event of a positive testing result in order to register for additional PMB benefits.

To accommodate members who are unable to visit a general practitioner or specialist during this time (for any reason), Medihelp will provide benefits for telephone/video consultations at 100% of the Medihelp tariff, subject to available day-to-day benefits of members.

The annual flu vaccination remains important to protect members against flu. Medihelp beneficiaries older than 55 years who are registered on Medihelp’s chronic medicine programme for asthma/COPD also have access to the preventive Pneumovax vaccine (available in a 5-year cycle). Members can consult their benefit guide on the Member Zone for more information about their benefits for these preventive measures.

We strongly advise against undergoing any non-essential medical procedure in order to alleviate the pressure on healthcare service providers and to assist in ensuring the delivery of essential life-saving services to those in need. It may also decrease the chances of members to be exposed to the virus.

24-hour online services for members

Medihelp offers members various options to access information about their membership, claims and contributions. The exclusive Medihelp Zone and app provide you with all the functionalities you need whenever you need it.

Medihelp’s Member Zone is an online self-service website which gives members access to their medical aid details. These include claims statements, available benefits and access to membership information in a secure environment.

Services available

  • See a breakdown of available benefits.
  • Search for a network provider.
  • Request pre-authorisation.
  • Members can view and update their personal information.
  • Register a dependant through an easy to use online application form.
  • View and submit claims.
  • Download a tax certificate.
  • View monthly contributions.
  • View or request a Medihelp membership card.
Members can click here to register on the Member Zone and start using these and other features right away.


Members can also use Medihelp’s member app, available on Google Play, iStore and Windows Store. The app allows members to view and share their e-membership card, find a network healthcare provider, view available benefits, submit claims and more.

The Medihelp website also offers members access to quick answers to most frequently asked questions on the Quick Answers functions well as an online chat bot ready to respond to your requests.

Should you need any other information that is not available on these platforms, you are welcome to use the online web chat to talk to an experienced and capable call centre agent online or else contact Medihelp directly during work hours.


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