About us

If you are looking for a medical aid that is large and experienced enough to trust, yet small enough to be accessible to its members, then Medihelp medical aid is the healthcare solution for you.

We are a sustainable and steadfast medical aid

As a self-administered medical aid, Medihelp’s only purpose is to care for members and meet their healthcare needs. Our doors are open to all South Africans, whether you are a student, newly employed and looking to join a medical aid for the first time, self employed and seeking a reliable healthcare solution for your employees, or providing for a family with growing needs.

Medical aid in action text

Medihelp has been serving the interests of members for the past 116 years. With over 95 000 lives entrusted to us, we remain one of the top five choices of medical aids in the industry because of our ability to adapt to changing needs and evolve our service delivery by adopting the latest technology.

We are confident in our understanding of the South African healthcare landscape and our ability to do what is required to shape Medihelp into an organisation that has a sustainable future for generations of members and employees to come.

Medihelp’s reserve level is well above the legal requirement and our ability to pay members’ claims is rated amongst the highest in the industry at AA minus by Global Credit Rating (GCR), the largest independent rating company in Africa. Our sound financial and risk management strategies have enabled us to accommodate members in dire economic circumstances by announcing the lowest contribution adjustment in the industry for 2022, with some of the Scheme’s options even seeing a reduction in contributions. This shows Medihelp’s commitment to serving the interests of our members.

As a self-administered scheme, Medihelp is owned by its members and handles administrative duties as processing and paying claims, pre-authorisation and communication with members in-house. You are therefore assured of top-quality service by our dedicated Medihelp employees.

To ensure that we remain your healthcare partner for life, we’ve structured all Medihelp plans to provide solid cover for what is considered essential to preserve and protect your health. There are 11 plans available in the product range, and we differentiate per plan on how cover is provided for medical expenses incurred out of hospital. This allows you to move from one product to another as your and your family’s needs change.