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HealthPrint is a free online health and wellness platform specifically designed for Medihelp members, to add value in a unique and individualised manner to members’ Medihelp experience.

How to join
  • Any member of Medihelp may register via the HealthPrint website to join.
  • After free registration you will be able to download the Medihelp member app which will also give you access to certain HealthPrint functionalities.

What does HealthPrint offer?

Once you’ve joined you will have access to the following functionalities and value:

Run and cycle for FREE

HealthPrint members enjoy FREE participation in all Medihelp-sponsored running and cycling events. 

Access, update and share health data

Apart from enabling you to check your available benefits, HealthPrint also lets you view and forward a detailed record of your Medihelp claims history and results of screening tests to a healthcare provider. The programme also integrates with certain fitness devices and displays your activity updates online.

Pregnancy and baby programme
  • Once you’ve registered for the baby programme you will receive a special gift for your baby.
  • You will also receive vouchers and other value on reaching certain milestones, such as your HealthPrint Dis-Chem card with which you can earn double points on certain Dis-Chem purchases and double double points on selected clinic services. Once you’ve reached 30 weeks and earned enough points at Dis-Chem you’ll be spoiled with a baby bag filled with gifts and samples.
  • Through HealthPrint you can also access information about your pregnancy benefits and the procedures to access benefits as well as receive a regular newsletter.
  • Children of members of Medihelp MultiSport get free membership of MultiSport and a kids MultiSport T-shirt (under 12 years).
A healthy weight

If your BMI is 25 and higher you can register on HealthPrint for a 12-week weight loss support programme and HealthPrint will also assist you on your journey to a healthier weight in other ways:

  • A special discounted rate of R230 per year and a free joining pack apply when members with a BMI of 30 and higher join Medihelp MultiSport for runners, walkers and cyclists.
  • A special discount offer from Planet Fitness for your gym membership, which includes one FREE Black Tag for any gym partner joining you for a gym session during your membership period. Participants in the healthy weight programme who haven’t yet joined Planet Fitness and whose BMI is higher than 30, also get a free in-body assessment and one-week free pass to the gym.
  • You also qualify for a free Medihelp goodie bag after completing your 12-week programme, to help you continue your journey.

Medihelp MultiSport

Runners/walkers in the Gauteng North area and cyclists nationwide may join Medihelp MultiSport and only pay R310 for their annual membership. You also get the following:

  • A free club starter pack with goodies
  • 50% discount on club cycling and running gear
  • The club will support you at various events throughout the year with refreshments at the club gazebo
  • Other club branded clothing items, such as jackets, are available at 25% discount

HealthPrint partners

Earn double points with your Clicks ClubCard

HealthPrint members who are Clicks ClubCard members will earn double points at all Clicks stores on every purchase. Cashback is automatically loaded every two months on the member’s ClubCard. Cashback can be spent on anything at Clicks (except gift cards) and is valid for 12 months.

Discount on Planet Fitness gym membership

Planet Fitness offers HealthPrint members discount on their membership fee:

  • Rate:
    R299 x 3 months and then standard rate
  • Contract term:
    Local: All Planet Fitness clubs
    Excluding Platinum clubs
    24 months
  • Rate:
    R199 x 3 months and then standard rate
  • Contract term:
    Local: All Just Gym clubs
    Excluding Platinum clubs
    24 months

Included in the offer is FREE Black Tag membership which allows a partner or friend to accompany the member to the gym at no cost.

Discount on complementary health products

HealthPrint has negotiated special discounts ranging between 10% and 30% on health-related products. These products include gap cover, a cancer policy, dental top-up and international travel insurance.

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