Optometry benefits

Who is Medihelp’s provider for optometry services?

Preferred Provider Negotiators (PPN) is Medihelp’s preferred provider for optometry services for all Medihelp benefit options which offer optometry benefits, excluding MedSaver.

Which Medihelp benefit options offer optometry benefits?

The following Medihelp benefit options provide optometry benefits:

  • MedMove!
  • MedAdd and MedAdd Elect
  • MedSaver (savings account)
  • MedPrime and MedPrime Elect
  • MedElite
  • MedPlus

How are optometry benefits granted?

  • Benefits are available every 24 months from the date of the first service.
  • Benefits are available per beneficiary.
  • A specific benefit amount is available for spectacles and contact lenses, and beneficiaries can get either spectacles or contact lenses.
  • Benefits are paid at 100% of the Medihelp tariff (MT) as contracted with PPN optometrists. If a beneficiary does not use a PPN optometrist, co-payments may be applicable.
  • PPN protocols and pre-authorisation apply.

How do I contact PPN?

Online chat

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