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Medihelp specialist networks

Why does Medihelp have specialist networks?

The doctors in Medihelp’s specialist networks provide services when you need treatment for prescribed minimum benefit (PMB) conditions. Visiting healthcare providers in the Medihelp specialist networks helps you to contain out-of-pocket expenses.

Is there a specific specialist network for each benefit option?

There are three specialist networks for PMB services:

Specialist network 1

3 740 specialists covering 21 disciplines

Medihelp’s non-network options: Plus, Elite, Prime 3, Unify, Prime 2, Prime 1

Specialist network 2

1 393 specialists covering 21 disciplines

Medihelp’s non-network options: Prime 3 Network, Prime 2 Network, Prime 1 Network

Specialist network 3

1 428 specialists covering 21 disciplines

Medihelp’s Necesse option: Remember that a Necesse network doctor must refer you to a specialist and Medihelp must authorise the referral. You can phone Medihelp Customer Care centre on 086 0100 678, or log in to the Member Zone on our website.

How do I find a network specialist?

You can find the lists of all Medihelp’s network providers, hospitals and day clinics on our website, or download Medihelp’s smartphone app for members (available on Google Play Store, iStore and Windows Store) to find a specialist.

Why should I use network specialists?

By visiting specialists who form part of these networks, you can limit out-of-pocket expenses.

Tip: You can phone a specialist’s rooms before you make an appointment and ask them about their fees. This will ensure that you know exactly how much you will have to pay, if anything. You can also negotiate a reduced fee with a specialist or ask whether they allow payment terms.

How do I make use of network specialist services if I am on a network option?

Network benefit options have their own hospital networks and network specialists are matched to these hospitals. Always make sure whether the network specialist you select, operates at your network hospital.

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