Importance of joining a medical aid before you become pregnant




When you’re planning to start a family your focus is on staying healthy, having a safe delivery and taking home your adorable baby. But did you consider the financial implications if you are not covered by a medical aid? Joining a medical aid with excellent maternity benefits should be at the top of your list long before you get pregnant. Here’s why.

You won’t be covered when joining a medical aid when you are already pregnant
Your pregnancy will be regarded as a pre-existing condition that is excluded from benefits. This means that you will be responsible for the total cost of all your prenatal doctors’ visits, scans and pregnancy related medical services.

The costs involved

The cost at a private hospital during 2020 was about R34 000 for a caesarean delivery and almost R21 000 for a natural birth. Should you or your baby experience complications and require extra medical attention, costs can escalate quickly. Here are some examples:

  • An emergency caesarean section due to a complication such as pre-eclampsia can cost more than R94 000.
  • Should your baby be born prematurely, he/she will have to be admitted to the neonatal ICU. A stay of more than 30 days can cost well over R1 million.
  • Minor medical complications with an extra few days added to baby’s stay in a normal ward can add R45 000 to your bill.

Nobody can foresee complications or even a simple rise in costs before your due date. Rather plan ahead and join a medical aid at least a year before you plan on getting pregnant. This also gives you ample time to boost your health so that your body is ready for the experience of pregnancy.

Medihelp’s value offering for expecting moms

Apart from cover for the birth of your baby and your day-to-day benefits all Medihelp’s plans offer the following additional benefits:

  • Free registration on our HealthPrint Maternity and Baby programme
  • 10 antenatal and post-natal consultations with a midwife/GP/gynaecologist
  • 2 antenatal and post-natal consultations at a dietician/breastfeeding specialist/antenatal classes
  • Two 2D ultrasound scans

Certain Medihelp options also offer a separate additional benefit for:

  • 9 months' antenatal iron supplements
  • 9 months' antenatal folic acid supplements

Benefits for baby

  • Babies under 2 years receive 2 additional visits to a GP, paediatrician or ear, nose and throat specialist
  • Standard child immunisations for children up to 7 years at network pharmacy clinics

As soon as you register your pregnancy on HealthPrint, Medihelp’s free online wellness programme, you can join the Maternity and Baby programme free of charge. You will then receive a special gift from Medihelp for your baby and get access to discounts and special offers through our HealthPrint partners, such as 20% discount on antenatal and post-natal classes, 25% discount on online parenting courses and much more. You will also receive regular newsletters during your pregnancy.

Medihelp is a trusted birthing partner for many expecting moms and we welcomed 1 462 new babies to the Medihelp family in 2020. Make sure your future babies also become part of our family. Have a look at our comprehensive options here.

Source: Medihelp case file information

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