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Élan comes from the French word "élancer" which literally means "launch". Figuratively, it means to have vivacity and vigor. Élan demonstrates a certain joie de vivre (a joy for living, or zest for life). 


It’s this enthusiasm, energy and love for living that is embodied in our magazine, élan. Élan is a biannual health and wellness publication, featuring: 

  • Easy-to-read articles focusing on food and nutrition, fitness and emotional well-being
  • Hints and tips on healthy living
  • News and views on the latest developments in healthcare
  • Information about Medihelp's products and services, and more.

Medihelp members, advisers and healthcare professionals all look forward to each issue – have you got your copy yet? Don’t miss out – read élan online!

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élan, summer 2017élan, winter 2017
élan, summer 2016 élan, winter 2016

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