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Consider a medical aid plan with a medical savings account in 2019

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If you have a medical aid plan with a savings account, part of your contribution is paid into a savings account. The savings can then be used for your day-to-day healthcare related expenses such as prescribed medicine and doctors’ consultations. This is a smart choice for people who are seeking control over their healthcare expenses.

Medihelp offers two plans with medical savings accounts to choose from, namely Unify and Prime 2.

Unify is one of Medihelp’s fastest growing products thanks to its affordability and generous 25% savings portion of the monthly contribution which is available to cover day-to-day medical expenses such as doctors’ visits and medicine. On joining Unify, you get a savings account credit facility in advance, based on the number of months remaining in the year, to cover your day-to-day medical expenses from the outset of your membership. For example, if you join in January, you will have 12 months’ contributions to your savings available immediately. The funds in your savings account accumulate and are carried over to the next year. Unify also offers extensive cover for admissions to any private hospital, and added insured benefits for preventive care and screening tests.

Click here to view a summary of Unify’s benefits.

Prime 2 is also a savings plan, but with a 15% savings portion for day-to-day medical expenses and an extensive basket of added insured benefits which provides cover for preventive care, screening tests, pregnancy consultations, 2D scans as well as baby benefits. This is in addition to the funds available in the savings account. The product also includes comprehensive cover for admissions to any private hospital. Prime 2 has a network version of the product available – it differs in terms of hospital cover and PMB chronic medicine: Prime 2 Network has 113 quality private hospitals and PMB chronic medicine is obtained from a network of providers. You save 22% in monthly premiums if you opt for Prime 2 Network.

Click here to view a summary of the Prime 2 plan.

If these look like good options for your healthcare needs in 2019, you can choose to speak to an adviser for more information or apply online. 

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