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Medihelp's top tips for a safe holiday

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The long weekends and first school holiday of the year are fast approaching. Have peace of mind to enjoy your holiday by ensuring that you are prepared for emergencies.

Be prepared

Having dependable medical cover goes a long way towards assuring peace of mind when you’re travelling. Consider joining a reputable medical scheme with a nationwide footprint to ensure that you always have access to excellent healthcare services. This is especially valuable in case of emergencies.

Medihelp has 10 benefit options that address different life stages, budgets and health needs.

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Kit up and take care

  • Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and fitted with the basic emergency gear required by road safety regulations.
  • Visit your local pharmacy and ask for assistance in compiling a basic first aid kit. Most pharmacies already have pre-assembled kits that you can buy.
  • Remember to always take any chronic medicine with you, including medication for food and other allergies.
  • Always include water in your travel kit to ensure proper hydration.
  • Take regular breaks on the road to rest and see if perhaps your vehicle needs any attention. Check your vehicle’s tyre pressure, fuel level, lights, break lights, indicators, water and oil. Also have your windscreen cleaned.

Be safe

Before you hit the road, ensure that you take care of your safety first:

  • Make sure that you know who your medical scheme’s contracted national emergency service is. Store the number of the emergency service on your cell phone and apply the emergency stickers to the rear or side windows of your vehicle so that the correct ambulance service is contacted in case of an emergency. Medihelp members have access to Netcare 911 services and an emergency app that sends their GPS coordinates to their emergency contacts and an alert to Netcare 911’s control centre when activated.
  • Give a trusted friend or family member your travel itinerary and agree on check-in times when you reach certain stops or destinations along the way. If you don’t check in on time, this person can contact you and if you don’t respond, they can alert emergency services based on your last check-in particulars and your cell phone signal.

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