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Medihelp treats senior citizens to hearty soup

Medihelp treats senior citizens to hearty soup

Medihelp employees recently visited Huis Silversig as part of their corporate social investment projects.
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On 17 July, Medihelp Medical Aid delivered three shopping trolleys filled with vegetables, herbs, and meat at Huis Silversig, a home for vulnerable senior citizens in Silverton, Pretoria. And on Mandela Day, armed with enthusiasm and kindness, 51 Medihelp employees showed up to prepare 28 litres of soup, butter 160 bread rolls, set tables to serve a hearty meal to the residents, and do the dishes afterwards. This outreach was part of the medical scheme’s corporate social investment initiatives.

After the meal, Medihelp’s employees spent quality time with the residents and handed out 3,3 km worth of wool, as well as board games and puzzles. Medihelp also donated money towards the renovation of three of the centre’s bathrooms.

Huis Silversig was established in 1977 and aims to give senior citizens purpose, safeguard their wellbeing, and provide for their medical needs. It is home to 95 senior citizens of whom one is a centenarian and seven residents are well on their way to reaching this status.

“To see the smiles on the faces of the residents was heart-warming and uplifting. It is truly a privilege to be able to help people who are less fortunate, not only with food and material things but also by giving your time and energy,” said Kobie van Eeden, Head of Human Resources at Medihelp and member of the Scheme’s Social and Ethics Committee.

Medihelp rolled out its social and ethics strategy in 2022, and identified various Medihelper projects to give employees the opportunity to engage with and support charities of their choice.

“With these projects, we aim to make a positive, sustainable impact on the communities and environment in which Medihelp and its stakeholders operate. We also believe in fostering a culture of care amongst our employees,” said Van Eeden.

“Since introducing these initiatives in Medihelp, we have realised that our employees have a heart of gold and are always ready to help. The impact of these giving-back initiatives on morale and team spirit has also been remarkable, and in turn, has had a positive effect on client service and the bottom line,” Van Eeden concluded.

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