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Results of Medihelp’s 2020 virtual AGM

Results of Medihelp’s 2020 virtual AGM

Medihelp recently successfully concluded its first ever virtual AGM. We share the results of the meeting with you.
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Recently, Medihelp Medical Scheme successfully concluded its first ever virtual annual general meeting (AGM) with members and guests nationwide attending the online event. On the Medihelp website, participants viewed a video of the AGM or listened to a podcast, and accessed relevant documents such as the 2019 Annual Report and the agenda of the AGM. Members were also able to download the audited financial statements for 2019 and the minutes of the previous AGM from the secured Member Zone, all of which, including the video and podcast, remained available on the AGM website for five days following the AGM.

During the meeting, members seconded and approved the minutes of the previous AGM and the financial statements, and submitted questions online which were answered by Medihelp representatives in real time. All the information, including the video and podcast, will remain available on the Member Zone, allowing members to study the content, view the questions and answers provided during the meeting and continue submitting questions and comments.

Members received feedback on Medihelp’s sound financial results and net growth achieved in 2019, as well as on the overall enhanced performance of the Scheme. There was one matter arising from the previous AGM, namely the mandatory rotation of auditors, and members were informed that a Request for Information document had been sent to potential audit firms and that the matter was being attended to by Medihelp’s Audit and Risk Committee.

The only resolution to be voted on was the appointment of external auditors for 2020, and the results of the electronic votes received prior to the meeting confirmed that the majority of members supported the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers. The result of the uncontested election of members to the Board of Trustees was also announced, with Adv Jan Ferreira and Mr Paul van Deventer serving another term on the Board of Trustees.

Following the meeting, the Board of Trustees met to elect its leadership. Mr Chris Klopper was again elected as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Mr Marthinus Visser as Vice-chairman.

Thank you to all the members and guests who participated in the meeting. In times when we are challenged to find new ways of engaging, we appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and address concerns.


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