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When applying for medical aid membership

When applying for medical aid membership

Changing your medical aid can be a cumbersome process. Here is a list of important information to keep at hand and in mind when changing your medical aid membership.
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Changing your medical aid can be a cumbersome process. It is important to always keep the following at hand and in mind when changing your medical scheme membership:

  1. Make sure there is no lapse in your membership, between leaving the previous medical aid and joining the new one. A lapse of longer than 90 days could affect the terms of your membership.

  2. Providing proof of your membership of previous medical aids will ensure that you do not receive unnecessary waiting periods and late-joiner penalties. Click here to find out more.

  3. Familiarise yourself with the benefits of the medical aid plan you want to join, to ensure that your own and your loved ones’ healthcare needs are adequately covered. Compare the benefits you will now enjoy to your medical claims at your previous medical aid. Don’t make a choice simply based on price. Choosing the cheapest option could actually end up costing you more if the benefits do not suit your health profile. If you opt for a network option, remember to verify that you will have access to a network hospital in your area.

  4. An easy way to apply for membership is to use the electronic application form available on the medical aid’s website. Make sure that you have all your medical aid and personal details at hand when completing the form. These may include the following:
    • ID or passport documents
    • Proof of previous membership
    • A marriage certificate
    • Proof of full-time studies
    • Proof of monthly income
    • Proof of 12 months’ subscriptions for foreign students
    • Curator appointment
    • Guardianship appointment
    • Court order for the adoption of a child (stamped and signed by the magistrate) or a foster care order for a dependent child
    • Application for the adoption of the child (stamped and signed by the magistrate)
    • Written confirmation by an adoption social worker of the progress of the adoption process (all social workers must include their SACSSP registration number next to their names and titles)

  5. As part of your membership application you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire. It is important to complete this questionnaire as thoroughly as possible and not to leave out any information about your medical history. A medical aid uses this information to determine the conditions of your membership. Leaving out important information could trigger a non-disclosure investigation, which could affect the benefits to which you are entitled when claiming for medical expenses. A medical aid may even decide not to pay certain medical bills or cancel a members’ membership, should they find that a member did not disclose relevant health information when they completed the health questionnaire.

  6. The contributions or monthly membership fees of principal members differ from those of their dependants. Adult dependants and children usually pay less than the principal member. Once you’ve applied for membership you will receive a quotation from the scheme describing the conditions of your membership, such as waiting periods (if applicable) and the monthly contribution payable by you. Monthly contributions are paid in advance.

  7. Medihelp takes on average 24 hours to process an electronic application for membership, if all relevant information has been provided. After your application has been processed and you’ve accepted the quotation, you will receive your membership card listing all the registered dependants as well as more information about your plan and the Scheme’s processes and services.

Should you have any enquiries regarding your application for membership of Medihelp, you are welcome to email us at or phone 086 0100 678. Alternatively, you can also contact your adviser.


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