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This Easter

This Easter

South Africans will, for the first time in two years, be able to enjoy the Easter weekend without strict COVID-19 rules.
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Stay safe this Easter

South Africans will, for the first time in two years, be able to enjoy the Easter weekend without strict COVID-19 rules.

In 2020, the Easter weekend was during the five-week national lockdown when individuals were not allowed to leave their homes except under controlled circumstances and were not allowed to visit family or friends.

During the Easter weekend of 2021, the country was on alert level 1 with the sale of alcohol prohibited, gatherings restricted, interprovincial travel permitted but discouraged, and a curfew in place from midnight to 4:00.

It is expected that South Africans will make use of their new-found freedom this Easter weekend by visiting interesting and beautiful places across the country and spending quality time with family and friends in a time of reflection, joy and hope.

Keeping safe on the road

Many people will be taking to the roads over the long weekend to attend family and religious gatherings. The Easter weekend is one of the busiest and most dangerous times on the country’s roads and is marked by a sharp increase in road fatalities. During the 2021 Easter weekend 235 people died on the roads.

If you plan on driving to your holiday destination, it is imperative to prepare properly for the trip. This includes checking your vehicle to make sure it is roadworthy and that everything works, and ensuring that you are prepared for an emergency on the road, such as a puncture. Plan your route and make provision for regular stops to refuel and rest. Always buckle up, obey the rules of the road, be considerate of other road users, and ensure you are not distracted when driving.

Remember to attach your Netcare 911 sticker to the rear window of your vehicle, and save their number under “Ambulance” on your cell phone.

In case of emergency

A first-aid kit is another must-have item for any unexpected situations in the car or at your holiday destination. Medical emergencies are unavoidable, so it is important to make sure you know what to do in case of an emergency.

Your Medihelp membership will offer the peace of mind that you can travel knowing that you and your family are taken care of should something happen. Register on Medihelp’s Member Zone and download the app for members to access your electronic membership card anytime, anywhere, and share it with healthcare providers.

Some of Medihelp’s medical aid plans make use of network providers, and members of these options are advised to identify network hospitals along their route and at their destination. This can be done by searching for network hospitals on the Medihelp website, on the Member Zone, or the member app.

All members of Medihelp are covered for emergency medical care, no matter which plan you've chosen. If you require emergency transport to hospital, phone Netcare 911 on 082 911. Netcare 911 will evaluate the situation and dispatch emergency transport when necessary. Download the Netcare 911 mobile app before you travel – this service reduces emergency response time by ensuring that Netcare 911’s emergency medical personnel can reach you in the shortest possible time.

If you have an emergency you can go directly to an emergency unit at the nearest hospital for assistance.


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