Unify – benefit-rich with a 25% savings account




Unify is an all-rounder in the medical aid benefit option arena, whether you’re planning to start a family or a corporate employer looking to offer your staff access to private healthcare. This option combines a generous savings account with ample maternity and baby benefits, outstanding hospital cover and added insured benefits for every life stage.

Unify offers you:

  • A 25% savings account
  • A special child care benefit for GP consultations for children ≥2 to <12 years old is activated once your savings account is depleted
  • Cover in any private hospital with no overall annual limit
  • Prescribed minimum benefits (PMB) at 100% of the cost for 270 PMB and 26 chronic conditions (designated service providers, a specialist network, protocols and pre-authorisation apply)
  • Unlimited cover for trauma that necessitates hospitalisation
  • Emergency transport services through an experienced provider
  • Post-hospital care benefits
  • Specialised radiology benefits
  • An extensive basket of added insured benefits, including preventive care for various life stages
  • Ample pregnancy and baby benefits
  • Cover for contraceptives

Unify is ideal for:

  • Couples starting a family
  • Corporate employers who want to offer their employees medical aid cover
  • Cover in any private hospital with no overall annual limit
  • Individuals who want more control over their day-to-day expenses

Important to remember:

You can manage the savings component of your Unify plan like a normal savings account and decide which qualifying services you want to claim from the savings account. Any unused funds in your savings account will automatically be transferred to the next year.

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